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The "Rollercast"  

A "Wanton Composite"

The "Rollercast "  has an interesting beginning and connection with my larger works. These rollercast paintings are largely assembled from roller brayer castings formed through the creation of my large works on panel. I use these tools to apply and manipulate paint on the wood panel surfaces. Over dozens of separate applications, the paint layers on the brayers build to create the unique sheets of

acrylic paint that form the base structures for the assemblage works.

I collect these sheets over the weeks and months of creation of the larger works. The many sheets of acrylic carry the palette colors layered within them that went into creating the larger paintings. In a sense, they carry the "memory" of the chromatic creation of those paintings in them.

The brayer heads are made of a soft material that does not readily bond to acrylic paint. Using a razor blade, i score the cylinder and carefully remove the sheets of acrylic paint. This process results in regular sheet sizes.With each scoring, the razor cuts into the cylinder head, leaving a cut line that then receives miniscule amounts of paint forced into each score line by the pressure of my application of paint on the panel surfaces. Over time, hundreds of score line composite to create the beautiful and somewhat mysterious textures in the sheets of acrylic paint. These become functional compositional elements in the assembled paintings. 

The random marks, tears,and shapes that appear in these sheets, along with their color progressions, are all unplanned and unpredictable elements that still hold a unique composite character when applied in the works. I think of them in the same way as I perceive memories to be composites of past experiences brought to the present moment by recollection.

The two formats of composition fields, roughly square or vertical rectangles for the "Rollercast"series, and the long horizontal compositional field of the "Wanton Composite" series

play determinant rolls in how these assemblage works are to be read by the viewer. 

Pieces from the Large Rollercast Series


".... think of your own plane of perception looking at the work. Allow your perception to shift. When looking at the assembled shape in the textured field, allow your self to shift from 'above looking down' through to 'below looking up', 'within looking out; without looking in'. Each shift represents a recasting of memory, as all memory is first formed by perception."

For the "Wanton Composite" series, allow your eye to flow along the horizontal and perceive the relationships created as the panels form patterns, connections within and without themselves and the field. Within each panel, a composition: Subtle design elements are incorporated to guide that exploration, unique to each assemblage. Peripheral vision finds a new connection between panels and field. Each new encounter with the work will expose new paths and relationships ,affected by light and time.


Large Rollercast XIV  14%22 x 11%22 acry
Large Rollercast XVIII. 14%22 x 11%22 ac
Large Rollercast XV  14%22 x 11%22 acryl
Wanton Composite XI 10%22 x 22%22 acryli
Wanton Composite VIII  10%22 x 22%22 acr
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