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Large Rollercast XX
Large Rollercast XIX
Large Rollercast XVIII
Wanton Composite XI
Large Rollercast XVI
Large Rollercast XV
Large Rollercast XVI
Rollercast VIIb
Large Rollercast XII
Rollercast XVII
Large Rollercast XIII
Wanton Composite X( private collection))
Large Rolercast XIII
Large Rollercast XIV
Connaught Gate
Large Rollercast XI
Wanton Composite IX (private collection)
Large Rollercast IX
Large Rollercast X
Wanton Composite VIII (private collection))
Wanton Composite V
Wanton Composite VII(private collection)
Wanton Composite VI
Wanton Composite III
Wanton Composite IV
Wanton Composite III
Wanton Composite II
Determinant I
Determinant II
Large Rollercast VI
Large Rollercast
Makah Gate II
Large Rollercast IV
Large Rollercast III
Pale Intimation II
About Saint-Sernin
Elbe I
Elbe II
The Shades of Cortona
DeRoselli VII  24_ x 20_ acrylic on pane
DeRoselli IV
DeRoselli VI
Unknown Gate I
Barcelona(Barri Gothic)

Welcome to the "small works" page. These paintings, all acrylic on wood panel, have an origin in my experiments with larger scaled paintings. They take their concepts from the same sources as the large works...visitations to ancient sites throughout the world, the process of  personal and collective memory and the inherent ways it is manipulated, changed, and surrendered to time. 

Though small in size, the process of creating these works is as involved as the large scale painting techniques, modified to accommodate  scale considerations and materials. The same materials (acrylic paint, wood panels) and the same extensive subtractive techniques employed in the large works are used here to unique affect.

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