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A word with you about painting

For the past several years, i've been working on composite images built from the "bi-products" for my standard painting practice (the ways and means of making my works on panel) These typically smaller works are built from the paint residues gleaned from

brayers that i use to apply and manipulate the acrylic paint in my larger works. if you visit my website ( you'll find a page dedicated to the processes and ideas that founded these works. As of this post (12/12/21) I've created 30

of these pieces in various sizes up to 18"x18", and one larger work at 18"x72". Below are some examples, more can be found on my website. 12 or more have been collected. I'm still holding a number in reserve for future release;I'd like to present a number of them in future exhibits.

Meanwhile, the main body of my works progresses into the winter season. I continue to explore the ideas of individual and shared memories, their ways of formation, change, and dissolution. As I age and reflect, this intent for the works grows deeper and richer for its evocative quality. I'll share a few new works below, with some commentary.

"From Valencia 11-21" 40" x 40" acrylic on panel

I'd been working on this for over 10 years , memories drawn from saunters in and around Valencia, Spain. The laying of memories just kept calling to me. It now rests complete, but for your viewing. I hope you engage it in person, someday.

CIUTADELLA DIPTYCH 58" x 92" (varied width)

This pairing of works drew from memories of walks around Ciutadella, Spain...a beautiful city on the Island of Menorca. I was exploring the island and it's wealth of neolithic sites from the Taliotolic culture and the deep overlay of the many cultures and civilizations that left their imprints on this small island.


This is a larger work from a series of works entitled "Walk with Me After" The title stands as an invitation to you to explore the qualities of these works and the composite aspects of layered memory. As I move on in life, the memories of all my many explorations throughout the past 24 years meld ; I explore shared elements of color and shape, repeated symbols experienced and given a voice of evocation...

Well, that's enough for this post (12,12,2021) Please visit my website to explore other works, or best yet, go and find them in the world ,at the galleries listed on my website.

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