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Prints on Metal Surface

These prints on metal are presented by Madigan Studio to provide an affordable entry point for the new or established collector. These high quality reproductions of original works allow you to display a Madigan image  in your own space.

Dunloe II 18%22 x 18%22 acrylic on panel

These prints can be ordered through this website

to specific sizes that proportionally correspond to the original works.

They may be smaller or larger than the original, but the original size is reserved and assures the primary exclusive size to the original work.

There are a number of finish and mounting options available and all prints are marked on the rear as studio approved prints on metal with the print number and studio signature included.

There are a select number of paintings that will be available for printing on metal in various scales.

PLEASE Click Here to contact the studio for further info on pricing,size varieties,and  production times.

Memories of Languedoc I 24%22 x 18%22 ac
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